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  • Shelby Whitfield

Bonus: My Favorite Digital Design Consultants

Most of my posts are written for clients or you guys interested in designing your own homes.

This one's a little different. This one is mostly for my fellow designers, but any of my overachieving readers are welcome, too!

The internet can be kind of amazing. It not only allows me to offer more accessible packages for clients not ready for a full-service project, but it allows me a ton of resources and opportunities to expand my network to talented folks in other areas. I've learned so much (all online! but hopefully in person someday) from each of these ladies and want to share them with you all!

Laurel Bern

Laurel Bern, Blogger (with 20 years of design experience)

If you've read more than two of my posts, you probably know how much I love Laurel already. She's so knowledgeable and hilariously witty, which makes her blog just so fun to read. She was the catalyzing inspiration for starting my own blog, which has now become a full business!

Laurel's Blog

Luann Nigara A Well-Designed Business

Luann Nigara, Podcast Host (with a window treatment business of her own)

Surprise! I'm pretty sure I first heard of Luann's podcast, A Well-Designed Business, from Laurel's blog.

She's a great interviewer of her incredible guests who provide so much great info for running a design business. Her own insights are pretty valuable, as well!

Luann's Podcast

Claire Jefford

Claire Jefford, Business Coach & Facebook Mentor (and successful interior designer)

Guess where I heard about Claire. Laurel's blog again!

Claire runs a Facebook group that's a wonderful resource for designers, especially those that don't have a full team yet.

She's also got informative YouTube videos, AND sells examples of her Letter of Agreement and other forms for those starting out.

Claire's Group

Veronica Solomon Casa Vilora

Veronica Solomon, Business Coach & Facebook Mentor (and featured HGTV designer)

Veronica is incredible. You can tell just by hanging out in her designer Facebook group. She offers Veronica Solomon University on her website, for designer business coaching, but is also very generous with her knowledge in her group.

Veronica's Group

Capella Kincheloe

Capella Kincheloe, Business Consultant (and talented designer, who also worked for Michael Smith!)

Capella's SEO must be amazing, because I found her from a quick Google search when I started drafting my own Letters of Agreement. Her site has tons of valuable info for the back-end, process side of a design business, and her pricing strategy course was helpful to me as well!

Capella's Site

Extra Bonus-es:

- If you need to brush up on your rendering skills, Shannin Williams has a few courses!

- Katie Wussow's blog is also fantastic for business advice directed toward creative industries.

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