• Shelby Whitfield

Tiny Tweaks: 'Your House' Edition

Did you get inspired by the to-do list in my last post, start a project, and then get stuck?

After that post was published, I started thinking about all the ways I wished I could help each one of you better.

Everyone deserves good design. A well-designed room can have so much impact on the well-being of its inhabitants; that's in my design philosophy, but it's a fact.

I'd like to do what I can to make good design a reality in your home, as I know most of us are stuck staring at the same four walls 24 hours a day.

To try to help, as long as I can keep up, I'll offer an affordable email-only consult to answer whatever questions you come up with while making those changes to your house. If you need fresh eyes on your furniture layout, I can do a quick sketch! Need to get some paint ideas for your living room? I'll send a few color options to sample! Looking for some durable rugs for the playroom? I'll source a few!

But here's the deal: I want to be clear that even though I really wish I could, I can't do a full room scheme for $50 (but don't worry- digital scheme packages are still available)! This consult is just to answer those little questions you always wished you could text a designer while you were out shopping, or to give a little guidance for those stalled-out quarantine projects.

Already have your questions ready? Let me know!

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