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Big Announcement & Bonus Gift Guide

I have something really exciting to share.

Really exciting.

I'm in Architectural Digest this week!

I'm just talking about why I've chosen not to give client holiday gifts, but I'm still honored to be a small part of such a prestigious publication.

If this is exciting to you too, first, thank you!

Second, I do actually give client gifts, just not at the holidays. You'll have to check out the AD Pro article here to find out why!

Third, if you want your home in Architectural Digest, talk to me. Let's create a great project and work on getting published for real-for real.

Dallas Dining Room, completed with Seitz Design

So! To celebrate this Really Exciting News, I'm doing a holiday gift guide of meaningful gift ideas for the non-clients in your life.

Click on the images to go to the shop pages for each item. I'm not using affiliate links, so I have no incentive to pick any particular item. I just thought these were cool, and I may have had too much fun with this. (I'm pretty sure it's my longest post ever). Enjoy!

For the Foodie Friend

My husband loves to cook. I hate to cook. We're perfect together.

I'm content with my "garbage" food, but definitely don't mind a foodie experience!

Here are a few things he'd love that would be perfect for anyone who appreciates good food!

A beautiful, leather-bound version of the food bible. CB2 is also a surprisingly fantastic place to look for other kitchen or food-related gifts. I definitely wouldn't mind having that knife block set sitting on my counter!

A kitchen essential, this lacquered salt and pepper mill set is pretty easy on the eyes!

I'm stealing the description for this one, because the artist has such an impressive resume:

"Virginia Sin, the woman behind SIN, is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary designer whose work has been featured in Architectural Digest, The New York Times + more. In her Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio, Virginia designs and handcrafts American-made goods for your home. The Ceramic Twist Trivet is a stylish way to protect your surface from hot pots and pans. Crafted of stoneware coils, this trivet can double as a paperweight or modern art object."

For the Traveler

Just about everyone lists traveling among their hobbies, so these picks are perfect for your hard-to-buy fors. I grew up traveling quite a bit, so I tend to pack light, but I'm still a huge fan of small, practical luxuries like these when I'm away from home.

What a cozy replacement for airline blankets! This one is reminiscent of the iconic Hermes throw, but has a much lower price tag!

I have this carry-on suitcase in white, and love it. It's great quality and great-looking. Luggage is also a wonderful gift for a new grad or newlywed, if you like to plan ahead for spring events!

If you've ever been stuck in an airport without a way to charge your phone, this nifty luggage tag may help save your friend from the same fate!

For the Athletic Friend

I love a good variety in my workouts- running, yoga, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, you name it, so I know how crazy specialized sports can be with their equipment. With that in mind, I tried to pick gifts that would be great for anyone interested in anything remotely athletic!

Foam rolling is amazing. It's basically a DIY massage!

When I was marathon training, I used my roller daily, as it's so important for muscle release. I like this one, because the different sections have different purposes and can be used to target different muscles well.

Full disclaimer, I've not used Airpods in my workouts before, but really, who couldn't use a pair of wireless headphones? Based on reviews, they should work for just about any activity, but I'd be a little more cautious if you're purchasing for a runner.

For the Outdoorsy or Eco-friendly Friend

Our family has recently realized how a few small tweaks in our lifestyle could have a more positive (okay, less negative) impact on the environment, so our goal for the new year is to work toward reducing our footprint. I'm also working on a post to share what I do with my design clients to help protect our planet, so stay tuned!

How gorgeous are these??

It was hard to pick a category for the LARQ bottles, because athletes could use them, designers would love them, and I doubt foodies or frequent fliers would turn them down! But I stuck them here because what you can't see from the photo is that they are self-cleaning.


How awesome is that? You save water by not having to wash them in a traditional sense often (I definitely wouldn't run it through the dishwasher because they're rechargable), and reduce your usage of single-use plastics!

They are also purifying, so depending on your personal ick-factor level, you could really fill them up just about anywhere without worrying about any grossness in the water.

And they're really pretty, so.

Not only is this repurposed nylon toiletry bag eco-friendly, Cotopaxi, the company behind it, is a certified B corp that works to "address poverty and support community development."

I love when I can truly feel good about a purchase, instead of just not feeling bad about it, so I can get behind that mission!

Each bag is unique, since it's made from leftover materials, and the crazy colors kinda give me Memphis Design Group vibes.

Patagonia is another well-known ethical outdoor brand, if you need more options for your shopping!

Don't laugh at me, because in hindsight, this is pretty obvious.

But I had never thought about how much waste I create in a normal daily routine! Shampoo and conditioner bottles, artificial loofahs (I had no idea a loofah was a natural thing!), foundation containers, makeup remover wipes, etc. It's all trash!

Ethique and Lush are similar companies offering products like shampoo and conditioner bars in compostable packaging, so there's no waste and way less water usage.

For the Creative Friend

Kiriki Press makes these adorable animal doll embroidery kits, and they're staged based on skill level! So they're perfect for a beginner hobbyist or someone experienced who wants to try something different.

These are just adorable and would brighten up any non-traditional tree!

You knew fanny packs were back, right? Fjallraven is also really hip with the kids these days, fam, so if you need a gift for a teenager, this could work!

For the Kids

Since this is our first year ever to shop for a kid, I'm so excited about the possibilities! Let me know your kids' favorite gifts in the comments!

Our house loves Jellycat. Their stuffed animals are so darn cute and soft, it was one of the first things I wanted to get for my son before he was born, but he loves it too!

The body and limb shape made his bunny so easy for him to grasp, it was also one of the first toys he really took to and it made its appearance in most of his early milestone photos.

He's seven months old now, but I think it'll be a winner for a long time.

We're also huge wooden toy fans. I love their beauty and quality, and as you can probably tell from my site and IG, I'm drawn to moodier colors for myself, so this "rainbow" stacker was a great find. Pretty sure it'll be under our tree this year.

My Oli isn't old enough to sit safely on his own in the tub for this yet, but it's so sweet! I'm sure older kids would love it!

Bonus: Classic Games, Reimagined

As I was searching for some unique gifts for this post, I kept coming across gorgeous sets of classic games like chess or backgammon. I wasn't sure where to categorize them, so enjoy an extra list! Who doesn't love games?! (CB2 has some sophisticated options too; I had to stop the list somewhere, but check them out!)

Very happy holidays to each of you!



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