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Kid's Playrooms that Adults Enjoy, Too

If you've ever been grateful for the existence of a door so you could shut it to avoid having to look at the eyesore that is your kids' playroom, this one's for you!

You probably already know that I'm guilty of keeping myself back-of-mind when designing for my son or even, on occasion, choosing his toys, so let me be the first one to tell you that a playspace can be fun and whimsical for a kid without inducing a parental migraine.

No bright color has to be off-limits in a kids' space, and it can still feel very sophisticated.

Choosing a blood-orange for a Narnian door (it leads from the nursery to the playroom!) and mohair upholstery are striking touches here that are fun without being overstimulating. Since red is one of the first colors babies can see, it's also an excellent high-contrast choice for this sweet babies' room.

(PS- mohair not only looks fantastic and feels luxurious, it's insanely durable, so a perfect material for an adult-friendly kids' space).

Ikea Playroom Gracie DeGournay Wallpaper Panel Red High Gloss
Bade Stageberg Cox

If you were wondering what's behind the tiny door, the play space is furnished with vintage IKEA and a simple mat. Plenty of room for kids' imaginations to take charge!

If you're not interested in the vintage IKEA price point, though, even contemporary IKEA pieces can work very well in kids' spaces!

Chalkboard Wall Play Area Pouf Magnetic Cabinetry
Designer Unknown

While this table might look like a Saarinen, it's an IKEA Docksta.

Hygge and West Walmart Red Attic Bedroom Kids
Susan Simonpetri

And though they're not in a playroom, these super cute red beds are from Walmart!

I also love how the rug references the cloud motif on the wallpaper. A great idea for an airy attic space!

Shaun Henderson

I adore how much space there is to keep kids' toys organized in this space. Admittedly, they wouldn't be able to reach it all, but uh, isn't that what toy rotation is for? This space also functions as a bunkroom, and I love the accessibility of the "bunks"! They're perfect kid-sofas, especially with the modular bolsters (they remind me of the Nugget; check that out if you're in need of a flexible, budget-friendly kid bed/sofa/fort). Speaking of forts, hang a blanket between the bunk frames, and you'd have a pretty happy kid.

Whimsical Playroom Polka Dot Architectural Digest Connecticut
Susan Simonpetri

This space looks like it inspires a lot of fun, too! The play sofas are probably custom, but remind me of the iconic Roche-Bobois Mah Jong modular sectional. The fact that there's lighting above the cushions makes it a perfect spot for a cozy family bedtime story session, since this room corresponds to the cute bedroom with the red pair of beds above.

That room is has a primary color scheme, so it's neat that this room plays well off the reds, blues, and yellows, and adds the rest of the rainbow to the mix.

Let me know what colors you love to see in kids' rooms in the comments!



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