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Working from Home?

Rarely am I at a loss for words (don't get my husband started!), but living through a pandemic has upended life for most of us, and interior design feels simultaneously more necessary and more frivolous than it did before the outbreak.

Spending more time at home means we need our spaces to be more functional, more healthy, and more beautiful than ever, and yet many of us have more pressing concerns than decor or more limited resources that must be directed elsewhere.

So, please tell me what you need to see. Escapism? Advice on rearranging existing furnishings? Storage ideas? Low-cost upgrades? I'm happy to write about whatever is most helpful while we all deal with this crazy.

Since I admitted that I'm at a loss for words, and then proceeded to write some anyway, the rest of this post will be primarily photos- home offices that inspire me while I work from my not-photo-ready dining table. And don't forget to let me know what type of content you need to see going forward!

Something funky is happening with my captions, so credits are as follows:

1. Design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, photo by Roger Davies

2. Design by Athena & Victor Calderone (owners), photo by Gieves Anderson

3. Design by Jenny Walton & Scott Schuman (owners), photo by Gieves Anderson

4. Design by Kapito Muller (now Alyssa Kapito Interiors), photo via Domino

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